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Bentonite Clay Information

Also Known As: Bentonite, Sodium Bentonite, Montmorillonite
Bentonite is considered an Aluminium Phyllosilicate, a rock-forming mineral.

Primary Uses of Bentonite Clay:

When Bentonite Clay comes in contact with water, it swells to dramatic proportions. Because of this unique ability, it is primarily used by civil & geotechnical engineers for the purpose of drilling for oil. It's also used as a sealant for toxic substances, such as the impermeable underlining of landfills to prevent leachate, the liquid produced from rainwater mixed with landfill decomposition, from running into the groundwater. Other common uses of Bentonite include cat litter, cement and adhesives.

Bentonite Clay is also used for medicinal purposes, mainly by natural and alternative health practitioners. However, there have never been any scientific studies done to measure any long-term consequences of excessive Bentonite Clay.

Medicinal Uses of Benonite Clay:

When used for medicinal purposes, Bentonite Clay may help those who suffer from constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Bentonite Clay works by aborbing and swelling when in contact with water. If Bentonite Clay is ever ingested, make sure you drink plenty of water, otherwise it can cause an obstruction in the large intestine.

Bentonite Clay Safety Concerns & Restrictions:

At this time, there are no known adverse health effects from the use of Bentonite. However, proper research has not been conducted to know the consequences of long-term use. Always consult your doctor before the use of Bentonite Clay, or products using bentonite.

Products containing Bentonite Clay should NOT be ingested within two hours of any prescription medications. It could effect the absorbtion of your medications, thus making them less effective.

Consult with your Doctor before using Bentonite Clay!

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